I came to Melanie because I had a very complex issue . Melanie helped me with my left side of my face where I had bone loss around of my eye and my cheek bone shattered . This was caused by accident when I was 18 months old . I have a large gap rom my eye to cheek. Melanie used 3 types of fillers to 3 different levels to build back that structure, and create a more symmetrical look with my right side. I loved the results. It is awesome that I don’t need a cheek implant of partial face lift yet.

Tina Fontanes

Melanie and I have been friends for 40 years . Not only do I trust her as a loyal friend , I trust and only her implicitly with my beauty treatments . She excels with knowledge in her craft, and she is completely dedicated to give you the best results.

Robin Sherman

I have known Melanie now for approximately 3 years now. She’s is very knowledgeable in her field and has an uncanny ability to know exactly what I want before I even want it. She is extremely flexible allowing clients to make last minute changes and has a great way of establishing a connection with her clients. Her hands never seize to amaze me; always so gentle yet effective. Quite honestly, has hands of a goddess.

While visiting Melanie, I have always very well received at Avanti by the entire staff.

I recommend Melanie without reservation. I am confident that any potential client will be not only be satisfied with her work, but with her & her team as well.

Steven Salazar

I love the staff at Avanti! They reassure you when you’re nervous about trying something new and they tell you what’s happening along the way. They are knowledgable and professional. Thank you Melanie and Kasey for walking me through a few “upgrades”. And I wish I knew the smiling face that I see each time I walk in the door, because she is a sweetheart too!

Alysssa gives a great facial, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. She wants her clients to feel and look good. Avanti offers much more than Botox. Try it!

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